the blue room

guess you wonder; whats with the title..well its kinda youve might guessed it: my room is blue..but as most of us are, we do spend a lot of our time in our rest, to do some school stuff, to hang around or just like have a place where i can be alone and think about almost everything...

Monday, December 22, 2008

360 degrees...

where will i start?? man, a lot has happened since my last post..its been more than a year just to bring you guys up to speed..the last time that i posted here i just, im 6 months married and my wife is almost 5 months about double whammy i mean blessing =)

seriously though i never expected that im gonna be in this situation 2 years ago..if i have a time machine and i could travel back in time to tell to my past self that all of this will happen to me..1st i would really laugh my head off and then smack him up for being a smart a**..

i just couldnt believe it would happen to a guy like me..a loner ( a lone wolf for those who want drama) never could i have imagined that i would find someone who i can really share my whole life you know the feeling when youve waited all your life for something to come along that you even prayed hard for it...and out of nowhere *boom* it smacks you right in your face when you least expected it..thats what happened..just like a comet,i know it sounds a bit cheesy but im sure was lucky to have waited,to have looked up the entire time and kept my darn eyes open..

man, cant wait to have my 1st born! im gonna be a hot daddy haha =)

Monday, July 16, 2007

i did it! =)

"ako ang nagwagi!" -peram muna calc ha =)

yup, i did the inevitable--i went to her parents house last week to ask for their permission and blessing to marry their daughter. what a gut wrenching, tense filled moment it was for me..never thought i would be doing this at this stage in my life..still im having only blurred moments of what transpired that day..lucky i got there without any bruises (just kidding)..couldnt ask for any better future in laws..

one moment lang na nagstick out sa mind ko was when i arrived, i thought im only going to talk with her mom and dad which is expected..pero nagulat ako nung pagdating ko her mom immediately called her brothers to come over..parang nawala lahat ng dugo ko sa katawan nun =) bigla akong na pa public speaking nun ah =P after 2 hours na dinaig pa ang revalida/defense/report at kung ano ano pa dahil sa sobrang nerbyos at ginisa talaga nila ako eh ok na lahat, at least they know that im dead serious of what im planning to much i love their daughter/lil sister..and at the end they all agreed, thats what lies the next important thing, asking her the big question..and here i am asking for your help coz i want this to be perfect..any ideas for the perfect engagement scenario? wish me luck ulit =)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

dare to ask??

"all these years i never knew what love means, i found it, i found you"-bamboo
16 days..that's the time left before my gf's mom will head to the states to go on a vacation..that's also the time left for me to talk to her and ask for her daughter's hand in marriage..yup! you heard me right, im gonna ask my gf the big question...

but wait a minute, am i insane?? I'm gonna ask her parents in about 2 weeks time if i can marry their this me?? the wacky,zany, happy go lucky, "bahala na type" self, or its a new persona talking..yes, some of you might think its too early, too fast for me to seek their approval..for me to ask for their permission..we've been only together for at 11 months, and im thinking about the rest of my life already..

no, im not doubtful, shes the one and im sure of it.. she's the one ive been looking for all these years, shes the one that i want to spend the rest of my life and grow old with..its not that im having second thoughts, its just that im taken back by my decision.. its one of those life-changing ones..and honestly i am nervous about it..

siguro, nabigla lang ako..i never thought that i would be in this situation at an early age ( hahaha! in my dreams..) seriously though, if i can go back in time a year ago and tell my past self that this is whats gonna happen, i would tell my future self to get out of here...that he's got to be kidding..right now, im just overwhelmed and blessed..i never thought that i would be this happy..only thought that this stuff only happens in movies or in fairy tales...or if it did, never thought it would happen to me..

see, im a excited and at the same time nervous that im speaking gibberish here hehe...walang sense =) all i know right now is that i gotta do this before her mom leaves..wish me luck people! =) i will need it badly...

*shameless plugging* btw, me and my gf have a clothing business..unfortunately its for the ladies..dresses, tops and all...pls check it =)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

after a year! =)


"bum bum bum
happy, im feeling so happy, i wanna be happy
i wanna be happy
cant you see im happy now"-squareheads

i know its been awhile since my last post but i never though it would take me a year to write! after one year of you could say "sabbatical" from the blogging world..i think its time to share my sometimes wacky and crazy ideas once more..well, here's a quick update on what happened to me last year..
luckily i made it, last time i posted i was hoping to be part of the basic class..after 2 and half months of rigorous training, i made it and after another 6 months of being a "probi" im now a regular employee...and im gonna be working for that company for almost a year job really helped me a lot in terms of "people skills" really helped me with my self-esteem and i noticed na hindi na ako ganun ka introvert when it comes to sharing my thoughts..although it really kept me super busy, having a ultra flexbile sked na ang hirap iadjust ang body clock..everyday is a new challenge dealing with different passengers, you have some good days and not so good days all in all its al good..happy happy! joy joY!

(oh and ven: nagdilang anghel ka nga...i never thought i would met her there...i did during training and mag one year na kami...she's the one and im thinking of proposing na =P)

things really change..and a lot of things can happen in a span of one year..from being so down and lonely, right now i feel so blessed..parang everything fell into to the point na i was overwhelmed by all the graces that ive recieved...totoo nga na ang buhay ay parang gulong..minsan nasa baba, minsan nasa taas...sana tumigil na ang kotse para di na ako mapunta sa baba hehe (korny ko noh)

so guys! what happened to all of you during the last year..update naman dian oh =) hope all is well with you...until then...cheers! =)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

pressure cookin...

felt like it over the last couple of weeks..everything was a whirlwind for me..last week was how should i say it, one of the most pressure packed and stressful week.. it sure beats the so called "hell week" in college any day.. but im glad i made it..i passed the interview! now, theres only medical (hopefully i passed that also hahaha =P) and the most funny thing was that i made it all through the stages tapos mukhang sa medical pa ako sasablay because of my pulse rate (it was way off the charts) anyway, hope i made it to the upcoming class that will start to train at the end of the month..

last week was really something.. as i was waiting for the results of the interview, there were swarms of butterflies in my stomach..i cant help but think about the possibilities of me failing and what am i to do next if i future was staring me in the eye.. not just mine but my future family as well..the wait seemed to be like eternity and when they called the names of those who made it..i just wanted to explode there and then..ironic pa nga at 2nd to the last pa ako tinawag.. boy, the pressure..

but it all turned out to be ok in the end.. the other applicant said something that still sticks out in my head..that if its God's will then it will or will not happen..hopefully, ill make it out alive sa training in 3 months time haha =)

Monday, May 29, 2006

torpe in the house =)

namamatay na ang mga rosas sa tabi
di ka pa rin bumibili
nauubos ang oras sa kahihintay
ngunit ni sulat ni tawag wala - barbie almalbis

yup, thats how its been for the whole of last fact, thats the way it has been for years..why oh why cant i get rid of this shyness..why cant i be a smooth talker..everytime i see someone that i want to talk with theres always this unexplicable feeling..parang you wanted to talk to her and you had your chance pero sa sobrang hiya hindi mo kaya until that person is gone and you end up kulang na lang banging your head in the heres a plea for help for all the ladies who are reading this.. im not asking for pickup lines but how should a guy approach a girl and start a conversation? do you just go straight up and talk to her? send her a note ala highschool days hehe =) most especially how do you introduce yourself if that person doesnt know you yet..

the reason is that i was able to see this person for 5 days straight..she works as a receptionist in one of the business centers that i had the chance to kahit puyat ako for 5 days, i always looked forward coming to work kahit sobrang aga..i dont know, just by seeing her tapos she always smiles and greets you a goodmorning--nawawala ung pagod and antok (corny noh hehe)she brings cofee inside the boardroom kaya nga kahit hindi ako normally umiinom eh napapainom ako..i only knew her 1st name and i tried to get to talk to her and know her better pero hindi nangyari--its either everytime i passed by her station, she's busy or pag wala naman syang ginagawa ako naman ung nagmamadali at may dapat na itakbo..ayun i didnt get to know her,i guess ill chalk this one up dun sa what might have been list..haay, buhay nga naman =)

ASA! (sorta like that)
i was privileged to get to work in the 1st Philippine badminton open that was held just recently. i got to work as a liason officer for one of the teams that competed...and all i can say is that it was a great get to talk with all this foreign people..frankly, im not a badminton enthusiast-heck i didnt even knew the rules before..but seeing this guys play, wow! it made me appreciate the sport more..lalo na at may mga top class players na naglaro...of course, i also got the chance to see our own team in action..the whole job was tiring and pressure packed because its clockwork and halos 24 oras kang gising..pero it was well worth it..will post some pics of it soon or sa friendster na all that is left is that i passed the final interview for my dream job and after that im all wish me guys luck..

so that ends my summer for 2006 =P

Thursday, May 18, 2006

walang labis, walang kulang....

well, im minds still twisted after all and here i am once again with my crazy pondering..hope this continues though =)

i just realized that life is everything in between...that all the things should come in moderation..we laugh and yet there are times we cry..we feel joy and yet there are times we want to kill ourselves because of the pain..we like to blend in crowds but there are times also that we want to be alone by ourselves..siguro totoo nga ung kasabihan na masama ang kulang pero masama din kapag sobra..that everything should be done in moderation..may balance cant be goody goody all the time or else some people will try to shove you around because of your goodiness..sometimes we have to become just short of a devil just so that we can fight for our rights and ultimo vitamins and pagkain di ba, dapat balanse lang..sometimes i think (not to offend any religion/anyone, i have my faith) na living here on earth is better than heaven or in hell..because here you get to experience both..
the problem is finding that balance..we sometimes find it hard to balance things or know when to have enough or when to have more..knowing when to be contented (but i guess man can never be contented)

so there, its just one of those "wala lang, naisip ko lang" moments...


kudos to the mountaineers who recently climbed Mt. Everest..another achievement that makes us proud to be with all the problems that our beloved country is currently facing- oil prices hikes, the never ending cha-cha/impeachment debate, poverty and all, its nice to hear some good news for a change..As former DOTC sec. Art Valdez said when we put our minds into something and we work as a unit, nothing is impossible..that the Filipino can..So heres hoping that everyone would finally work as one and climb our country's Everest..

bits: finally, the da vinci code movie is here! cant wait to see it..glad that the MTRCB gave the green light for it to be always with the novel adaptation, its interesting to see how loyal the movie is to the book..if its either a thumbs up or a disappointment remains to be seen..
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